Hello World!

I am a senior at West Virginia University. As I enter my senior year as a journalism student I also begin the process of developing a career path. In an economy that is not exactly ideal for newcomers to the job market, there are many soon to be or new graduates struggling to find a job. This task can be especially daunting in the Journalism world as the industry is going through a drastic change.

While the job market may seem unwelcoming and unfamiliar to us, technology and social media are all too common. Innovation in the way we connect with others is a much needed answer to the job crisis. While we might not have mastered the art of searching for a job, we are all skilled and experienced in the world of social media and mass media. It is incredibly useful that we have the world of social media to help us cope with real life issues and even to solve many of them.

In this blog I hope to explore the opportunities and tools that social media and multi media outlets offer in the job and internship search. Social media sites like LinkedIn and websites like Craig’s List have changed the way we “hit the pavement” in circulating resumes and networking. This blog will explore the best, newest, and most resourceful methods of using multi and social media to further your career.

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