Get LinkedIn

Our generation has experienced a collision between economic crisis and Internet innovation. People are graduating from college plagued with the last resort of moving in with their parents for a few years due to the overwhelming struggle of finding a decent job. This is something our generation is all too aware of thanks to Facebook and Twitter updates about how awful life is after college.

Though we may not be able to find a job right out of college we sure do know how to navigate social media. Liking a post, composing a funny tweet, and choosing the right filter for your latest Instagram post are skills that we have all perfected. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites allow us to connect with people quickly and easily all over the world. It’s no surprise that there’s now a social media site created entirely for networking in your career.

LinkedIn is a site that has met the demand for aid in finding jobs in a way that our generation understands. In fact, LinkedIn is the leading social media site for networking and recruiting in the workforce. Connecting and networking with others in your chosen field is critical in moving up in your career. Using the internet and social media to achieve this only makes it easier and more efficient. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to connect with others with similar career interests, browse job opportunities, and get your resume out to the world where it can hopefully land in the hands of your future boss (here’s a crash course).

According to a survey from Jobvite, an applicant tracking system, 93% of job recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential employees. The article Heads up LinkedIn Users: 93% of recruiters are looking at you tells you exactly what employers are looking for in social media and exactly how much of your social media they’re looking at.

Job hunting through social media may be the answer to the job market crisis because if there’s anything we know how to do it’s spending hours on social media. Go ahead, get started, and get your credentials out there and circulating.

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