10 Blogs to Follow

The struggle to find a job and whatever advice you can get your hands on is a community struggle. As soon to be and recent college grads, we truly are in this together. These 10 blogs offer tools, advice, and insight that compliment the goal and purpose of my blog.

Lauren Berger is known for completing 15 internships during her college career and has created a blog and empire on the art of finding internships and jobs. This blog adds a supplement tool for searching for jobs and internships around the country as well as finding advice from an internship expert.

Jenny Blake worked as a career development coach for Google for over five years, her blog provides advice and coaching in career life after college. This blog goes hand in hand with my target audience and the question I would like to answer, what do I do after college?

Rich DeMatteo is a human resources professional who is a self proclaimed expert on interviewing, training, and recruiting. This blog is based around offering wisdom to job seekers and is a great resource for finding information on interview and networking tips.

Penelope Trunk, co-founder of Brazen Careerist (a tool for next-generation professionals), uses this blog to explain her own career problems and successes as well as offering career advice. This blog follows the up and downs of a career woman, Penelope Trunk’s can offer insight from a first hand perspective.

Careerealism is the mother of all career blogs. It offers all kinds of tips and advice for job seekers and even has a search engine for jobs near you. This blog is a great resource for every aspect of career help.

One Day One Job is a blog that introduces a new company every single day. This blog describes the company and informs you about the career opportunities within it. This is a great tool for learning more about what opportunities are out there that you may not hear about elsewhere.

RusemeBear is a blog that offers advice for a diverse community of job seekers. This blog is great for seeking advice for all different careers and even has tools for building your resume and finding jobs.

Jessica Miller-Merrell is a workplace social media expert and one of the most influential recruiters on the internet. Her recruiting blog, Blogging4Jobs is a great supplement for the purpose of my blog, which is just that, blogging for jobs.

Come Recommended is a blog that focuses on your online presence in the career and recruiting world. This blog offers all kinds of advice on how to present yourself to the work force. This is a great resource for public relations tips and advice.

Jobacle is a blog that becomes a great tool once you have finally found that great job after college. This blog is great for preparing to be the best employee you can be and how to get the most out of your career.



  1. aaaaaargh

    Very well fleshed out! This post provides the kind of depth of purpose you need in your About page. I get a much clearer picture here of what to expect from your blog. You provide a good mix of sites and more personal blogs as well, and you explain their relevance to your topic well.

    You need to remove the default WordPress links (e.g., “WordPress Planet”) from your Blogroll. They’re just cluttering it up.

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