Making a Lasting Impression

The job search and career advice blogging community reiterates the importance of making a good first impression and standing out over and over again.

Of course it is crucial to nail down the basic skills of good eye contact, a firm handshake, and dressing in a professional and clean-cut manor (skills one usually learns from a childhood filled with a mother’s nagging). These skills are given a fresh and comedic overview in a blog post by Penelope Trunk.

Good first impressions both in the social media and physical world are important. However, in a sea of profile pictures and resumes it can be beneficial to get a little creative.

Interviews are a great place to be yourself or to even be a little weird. Odd but interesting behavior may be what you need to be memorable. In fact there’s a book about the art of acting a little crazy in interviews. Crazy Good Interviewing describes some eccentric behaviors that may just be crazy enough to land you the job.

It doesn’t end at just some strange behavior. Many job seekers are taking extreme measures to get noticed by potential employers. Corn On The Job, a blog for job seekers, shares a story about a particular job seeker that tried to win Jon Stewart’s attention by serenading him via YouTube. This is described as just another attempt at the #HireMe campaign.

Participators in this campaign have created entire websites based on attracting the attention of their desired employer. For example, Matthew Epstein has created a website entirely based on his desire to work as a product marketer for Google (spoiler alert: his website looks remarkably familiar).

My personal favorite, however, is an interactive resume made by a PR Practitioner named Graeme Anthony.  Anthony filmed and produced a video resume with interactive elements. If this effort doesn’t get this man hired then there may be no hope for the rest of us.

It might not be necessary to film a YouTube video or write your resume in christmas lights on the front of your house (yeah, that happened too), but it is important to stand out. Be creative, be a little quirky, and most importantly be yourself.


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