The New Frontier

We live in a society where social media is used to find jobs, but what about when you find a job in social media?

Social media has become a gold mine for career opportunities. Companies of all kinds use social media to reach it’s audience. News outlets have moved towards social media to learn and distribute information. Twitter has become the world’s preferred form of communication, whether it’s personal or professional.

In 2012 I attended a panel discussion hosted by my university (West Virginia University) called The Revolution Will be Tweeted: Social Media and Free Speech in the Middle East. The panel discussed the role that social media has played in many of the revolutions in the middle east and included prominent bloggers, reporters, activists, etc. One of these participants interested me and I continue to follow him and his career. Andy Carvin works for NPR as their primary social media strategist and is responsible for taking the organization to the world of Twitter . I found his career incredibly interesting. Carvin tweets about breaking news happening all over the world often by getting information and confirmation from other twitter users.

Photos and videos posted by twitter users in the middle east are often used by Carvin as well to confirm protests and uprisings in countries such as Egypt.

Twitter and social media are the new frontier not just for Journalism, but for many career paths. Is it possible that the future may see more people working from their smart phones or Ipad screens rather than a cubicle?

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