CraigsList: Digging Through the BS

CraigsList: a great resource for finding a lightly used couch at a reasonable price or for creepy “people seeking people” endeavors. This newspaper classified section turned digital contains list after list of all things that people could possibly need from services and housing to jobs and internships.

Social media has excelled as a tool for finding a job. One of my previous posts describes LinkedIn, a social media site based solely on connecting and networking to further one’s career. In comparison to sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is CraigList still a relevant tool to use?

CraigsList is a good resource and search engine for jobs if you know how to sift through the fake and useless posts. Once you know how to recognize and avoid the red flags in some job ads this site can be perfect for navigating your career options on a more local scale.

Once you find a job on the site, you then need to know the best way to respond to the ad. Although CraigsList (like many other social media sites) feels casual, you should never be casual about your career. Always, always, always keep it professional!

CraigsList postings are full of of useless information about potential jobs, however, it is possible to find a diamond in the rough. I think it is most important to not limit yourself. Take advantage of all the tools the internet and social media have to offer. Create a LinkedIn account, use Facebook groups for networking purposes, and check CraigsList job listings weekly in your area. Some of the things you come across may even keep you entertained. Ellen DeGenerous sure found some interesting posts, even a potential job opportunity that involves time travel… now that sounds like a great opportunity!

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