The Career Fair Goes Mobile

Senior year of college means freshening up your resume, putting on your Sunday’s best, and heading to your university’s career fair. This week I happened to follow these exact procedures when attending WVU’s career fair. The fair was filled with poster boards, eager students, and awkward conversations as to be expected, but there was also a very helpful and cutting edge addition… a mobile app!

The app is free and allows users and students to view what employers will be at the fair, where at the fair they are located, and any other information about the event. The app even allows you to connect through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I am very impressed with my university’s ability to give students something we really know how to use to help in this stressful situation. Using this app at the fair was almost like using Google Maps to get to my desired location, and I felt much steadier on my feet because of it.

Career fairs are a great place to jump into the job search. While a room full of people you need to impress is intimidating and overwhelming it gives you a place to practice promoting yourself and to get your name out there. Furthermore, colleges and universities are not the only places offering career and job fairs. A quick internet search can lead you to any fairs in your area.

Unfortunately not all fairs will offer a fancy mobile app to help you navigate through the companies and employers. If this is the case, make sure to prepare yourself and get some advice on how to take on the career fair with ease. As my parents would say, “hit the pavement” on the job search and get out there.

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