Who’s Who on Twitter: Part 1

Twitter can be used to follow people’s complaints, the ridiculous thoughts of people like Miley Cyrus, or important news and information. Twitter can be a great tool for staying connected in all different parts of the world. Breaking news, social events, career advice, movie and book reviews, and local food specials are just a few examples of what you can find out about through your Twitter feed. Many of us check Twitter obsessively so we might as well give ourselves something useful to read. There are many successful and wise people offering career advice with twitter handles. Here are a few that are worth taking the time to look up.

@Cornonthejob is run by Rich DeMatteo who also writes the blog Cornonthejob (that can be found on my blogroll), a blog that offers career advice of all kinds. His twitter feed offers all kind of great quick tips for resumes, interviews, etc.

@InternQueen or Lauren Berger has another blog that can be found on my blogroll and is an influential person I have written about in my previous post. Berger’s tweets include job and interning opportunities, quick tips, and even inspirational quotes.

@ResumePlatform is run by ResumePlatform.com and is a twitter dedicated all things resume. This twitter feed gives tips and advice on resume help that you would have never thought of before as well as other helpful advice.

@tferriss or Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4-Hour Work Week and has a twitter dedicated to great productivity, news on other successful people, and other topics on business.

@jasonalba is the CEO of JibberJibbor, a career management website, and is also the author of books titled I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? and I’m on Facebook–Now What???. His twitter feed is mostly dedicated to networking on social media.

So check these guys out and fill up on their wisdom. I will continue to post about influential tweeters in the future. The more positive, career oriented, and intelligent information breaking up the non sense on your twitter feed, the better.

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