How To Become a Professional Instagram-er

When using social media for job searching and networking we think of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as the head contenders but what about using Instagram in the same capacity? When pining for the attention of companies and employers in times of desperation it can be beneficial to take a more creative approach. Instagram can be used to brand and promote yourself, network, and present your cover letter or resume to the world.

More and more businesses are creating and using Instagram accounts to promote themselves and to connect with others. By creating a professional account for yourself you’re bettering your chances of getting their attention. For example, Derek Man Lui created an account titled Instacoverletter, a profile dedicated to promoting himself as a writer. Using your account to promote your experience, achievements, and goals through pictures and video is a great, personal way to connect with others in your field.

The Social Media Examinar offers 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business. The list includes embedding Instagram pictures and video on your website or blog and using industry related hashtags on your posts. These tips are meant for a business owner but are still helpful to consider when creating an online brand for yourself as a professional.

Instagram might not only be useful for promoting yourself to potential employers, but also for finding out about job openings from them. In one case, an intern was actually hired through an Instagram post.

In any case, one thing is clear; use social media to your advantage. Almost all social media sites can be spun into a tool for finding a job. It is possible to network and promote through a Facebook status, tweet, and even an Instagram picture. As long as you use these tools carefully and appropriately they may lead you to new opportunities that you might not find elsewhere.

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