Who’s Who on Twitter: Part 2

It’s always useful to discover new treasures to follow on Twitter. Every day’s newsfeed should be full of new insight on professional issues, breaking news, and other important information. Over the past couple of months I have really made an effort to edit out all the noise and garbage on my own Twitter feed, and instead fill it with insightful micro blogs by influential people. Here are 5 more inspiring and influential tweeters that everyone should follow.

@mashable is the Twitter edition of Mashable.com and is filled with tons of resources for all things mass media.

@ethanklapper is the Twitter account of the social media editor of The Huffington Post. His tweets offer great insight on current issues in the world and information on mass media, social media, and new technology.

@marshallk is a blogger at ReadWrite.com and is also the CEO of Get Little Bird a website dedicated to using social media and technology to improve your business. His tweets include information about current issues but are mostly about new advances in technology and advice for social media.

@asymco is a Twitter account run by Horace Dediu, the founder and author of the website asymco.com. This website is a marketing intelligent site and Dediu is a professional in the mobile strategy industry and tweets about new advances in mobile technology and other mass media matters.

@jack is the Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the Chairman and co-founder of Twitter. His twitter feed can deliver anything from inspirational stories to insight on current world issues. As a co-founder of Twitter he must know a thing or two about social media.

This week’s five tweeters have really spruced up my twitter feed and having given me great stories, quotes, and thoughts to read. The best part is re-tweets from these accounts point me in the direction of other great people to follow. Why use social media if you aren’t going to use it’s resources to the fullest?

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