Mapping Out A Resume

In times of desperation people have been known to take desperate measures to get a job. In my previous post I touched on a few stories of people getting extra creative to get the attention of employers. Since then, I have come across another great story of a desperate individual using a creative approach to circulating their resume.

Ed Hamilton, a copywriter, has customized his own Google Map to reflect his resume.  The map pinpoints locations all over the world where Hamilton has attended college, where he has previously worked, and even where his home is (along with his contact information and LinkedIn account information).

This resume in form of a map is interactive, easy to navigate, and incredibly internet savvy. It displays what this man is capable of creatively before you even read his previous accomplishments. The most unnerving part of this resume is that it is incredibly easy and simple, and makes us ask ourselves “why didn’t I think of that?”.

Buzzfeed offers some other creative resume ideas to kick start your brain storming. For those of us that prefer the traditional route, Forbes offers a few simple ideas to help your resume and application stand out from the pile. There’s so many methods of using social and mass media to put ourselves out there that we haven’t even thought of yet. Coming up with the next best method may be just what gets you the job.


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