Try The Side Door

Mashable recently posted an article from Business News Daily called Social Media’s ‘Side Door’ Grants Unprecedented Access. The article explores the use of social media in the job search world. The article makes an excellent point: when searching for a job why wait at the front door when you can sneak in the side door? The article refers to using social media as a “side door” to avoid getting lost in the stacks of resumes that sit on employers’ desks. Companies, CEO’s, and other key players in all industries are more and more in tune with their Twitter accounts. It’s possible that you have a better chance to connect with an employer through a Tweet than the old fashioned resume and interview.

Business News Daily also shows an interview with Ian Greenleigh. Greenleigh, who now works for Bazaarvoice, became some what of an expert on using the side door method and has now written a book The Social Media Side Door

Social media allows anyone to connect to one another. This opens the communication with powerful and influential people as well. For starters, LinkedIn has listed the top 30 CEOs on social media. While it may be a stretch to tweet back and forth with Richard Branson, an official of a more local company may be incredibly accesable via Twitter. Even if this strategy doesn’t result in a direct response, at the very least you may find out helpful information about your desired employer. By trying the side door you have nothing to lose and may have everything to gain, so why not try?

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