Pin Up Your Resume

Pinterest is usually thought of as an obsessive addiction for young and older women. I admit that I too sometimes find myself scrolling through pins of recipes and DIY decorations at 1 AM. It is incredibly easy for time to get away from you while pinning and to allow it to distract you from more important tasks. It is also possible to use Pinterest in a much more productive way. Believe it or not, Pinterest can be a great tool for networking in your career. offers some seriously convincing facts about why Pinterest is the next big thing.

So, since Pinterest is such a booming business it only makes sense that many companies will soon (if they haven’t already) start pinning away. This gives us job hungry pinners ample opportunity to reach out to potential employers.

Forbes gives 5 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your Career. Forbes suggests you use Pinterest as a research tool of different companies you may want to work for and as a tool for seeking career advice. The article also suggests that you use it to create a visual resume. By making a board for your career, achievements, and goals you can give something companies can use to get to know you and your qualifications.

pin 2 pin 3PINTEREST

These are just a few examples of creative, virtual resumes on Pinterest.

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