Be Informed: The Unemployment Rate

You can tweet, Facebook, pin, and link in as much as possible to network to reach the top of your career goals. Social media is a great tool to use to get ahead. Even with these tools, however, the odds may not be in our favor. Since the economic crisis in 2007 the unemployment rate has been a big issue in the government and society. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate in the USA is down to about 7.3 percent. Fortunately, the rate is decreasing more and more over time but there is still a lot of room for improvement in our job market. Our country’s economic situation can be followed closely on many helpful sites like Economy In Crisis and The Economist. For those of us that have trouble speaking the language of economy, John Cassidy breaks down the unemployment rate in his blog for The New Yorker.

It’s important to realize, though, that the national unemployment rate may not be very representative of our own respective cities. When job searching we must know where we are looking and it’s also beneficial to know about the economic status of where we are looking. The unemployment rate of the city we’re interested in working in is something to take into consideration. Forbes offers information on the cities with the lowest and highest unemployment rates.

To see the lowest of the low, this map illustrates 10 cities with the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

It’s important to get on the internet and use social media for networking and job searching. It’s also incredibly important to get on the internet and do some research. Many have far fetched dreams of working in the “big city”, but it’s possible that there might not be many opportunities in the “big city”. We should all do ourselves a favor and inform ourselves about the issues that can affect our careers. The economy and unemployment rate play a big role in this. Next time you see a headline on Twitter with some gibberish about the economy don’t continue scrolling, go ahead and take a look.

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