Who’s Who on Twitter: Part 3

When CraigsList and the Classified section of the newspaper just aren’t cutting it in your job search these Twitter accounts may help. Each of these accounts bring job opportunities to you along with other useful advice.

@YouTern – This Twitter account stems from Youtern.com a site that uses matching technology to connect you with specific job opportunities. Their twitter offers great advice for job searching, resumes, interviews, and other useful tips for young professionals.

@LetsFindYouAJob – This Twitter account is a job search engine in the form of tweets. The entire feed lists job opportunities from all over the country and is a great tool for finding a job in any state.

@FindSpark– This the Twitter account for FindSpark.com, a site that lists internships and jobs of all kinds available in New York City. The website also includes a blog and a great community of people that offer information about job searching and events. Tweets from FindSpark include career advice, information about different events, and lists job opportunities.

@CEOINC1– This Twitter feed aims to connect people with jobs of all kinds including at the executive level. Tweets include career advice and a “Job a Day” that explores a potential job opportunity. Their website ceoin.com is a human resources site that aims to connect people with talent to employers.

@AfterCollege– This is the Twitter account for aftercollege.com, a site that acts as a career network for college students and recent college graduates. The website allows you to search for job opportunities based on your major. Tweets from this account include job search advice, internship and job opportunities, and advice on how to become more successful in your specific career.


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