The 6 Second Resume

In only 6 seconds Twitter’s Vine videos can lead to a heavy addiction. Suddenly you realize you have been watching Batdad videos for the last hour and you’re late for class. Vine isn’t all clever and funny videos for entertainment, it can also be used for marketing and even to help you get a job.

One woman used Vine to make a 6 second resume. Dawn Siff recently found a job with the Economist Group as a program manager. Although she doesn’t completely owe the job find to her Vine resume, it is undeniable that it did impress her new employers.

Sourcecon believes there are ways to use Vine in a successful, professional way both as a candidate for employment and as an employer. Vine videos may add a short, visual aspect to your personal brand. Like Twitter and Facebook there is a way to use this form of social media in a professional way.

Is 6 seconds enough to convey your professional abilities and accomplishments? Or is it simply a mean for entertainment and clever stop-motion videos? Whatever you choose to Vine for, Mashable wants you to do it well.


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