Advertise Yourself

Desperate job seekers have been known to resort to pretty ridiculous tactics to get a job. In a previous post I explored some of these tactics that included an interactive YouTube resume and a resume constructed out of christmas lights on a house. Another method that seems to have gotten some attention is the use of advertisements. Some job seekers are using advertisements to advertise themselves to potential employers. This method ranges from the very cheesy use of a billboard to the creative use of Facebook and Google ads.

It turns out that shelling out a few bucks for a Facebook or Google ad can be a great investment. Alec Brownstein has one incredible success story. Not only did his advertising to Google executives get him his dream job but it also got him international media attention.

Running your own Google ad can be inexpensive and incredibly easy to do. Like Brownstein, you too can target the people that could make your dream job come true. If all else fails this tactic is definitely worth a shot.


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