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Are Employers Judging Social Media Behavior The Wrong Way?

In recent years we have been repeatedly warned to be careful about what we post on our social media sites. Photos, comments, and posts should be without inappropriate language, alcohol and drug use, or any other activity that your grandmother wouldn’t approve of. These warnings come from the idea that potential employers could one day see these inappropriate posts and reject you from your dream job forever hindering the rest of your life. This somewhat dramatic view of social media use may in fact reflect the behavior of companies using Facebook and Twitter as screening devices for applicants. However, there is an actual scientific study that suggests employers may be judging too harshly and missing out on great employees.

This scientific study suggest that those that behave in some of these inappropriate ways on social media may actually possess characteristics that would make them a productive employee. The study examines specific personality traits shown in social media activity. These traits include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience. Basically, this study suggests that those who post pictures or comments on social media involving drinking may possess characteristics that would make them excellent employees.

According to Careerbuilder 45% of companies screen applicants on social media and according to Forbes 70% of recruiters said they have rejected applicants based on their social media behavior. It’s highly likely that these companies and employers that screen applicants through social media are not going to soon change their habits. While the study offers up some interesting evidence it’s probably still a good idea to avoid inappropriate posts. Until more studies and statistics showing employers are less judgmental are published I’d rather be safe than sorry.


Advertise Yourself

Desperate job seekers have been known to resort to pretty ridiculous tactics to get a job. In a previous post I explored some of these tactics that included an interactive YouTube resume and a resume constructed out of christmas lights on a house. Another method that seems to have gotten some attention is the use of advertisements. Some job seekers are using advertisements to advertise themselves to potential employers. This method ranges from the very cheesy use of a billboard to the creative use of Facebook and Google ads.

It turns out that shelling out a few bucks for a Facebook or Google ad can be a great investment. Alec Brownstein has one incredible success story. Not only did his advertising to Google executives get him his dream job but it also got him international media attention.

Running your own Google ad can be inexpensive and incredibly easy to do. Like Brownstein, you too can target the people that could make your dream job come true. If all else fails this tactic is definitely worth a shot.

Job Search Goes Mobile

Flip phones have been traded in for smart phones and it seems that business cards and paper applications have been traded in for mobile apps. Not only are businesses all over the country and world increasing their presence on social media but they are also going mobile. Job searching and networking that is normally done on a computer can now be down on the go with several different mobile apps. There are countless options for mobile apps to help with locating job opportunities, networking, and career matching. The following mobile apps are just a few that can help fit job searching into a fast paced life and help anyone cover all fronts of the job market.

LunchMeet is a mobile app inspired by the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. It allows you to sign in with your LinkedIn account, find professionals in your area, and make lunch appointments with them for networking purposes

Careerbuilder’s Jobs app takes to a mobile level. This app allows you to manage your CareerBuilder account, search for jobs, apply for jobs, and can even allow you to check out the competition.

SnagAjob is the mobile app version of This app allows you to search for jobs, apply for jobs, and locate jobs with GPS technology.

iPQ Career Planner is a mobile app by SHL Group Limited. This app acts as a career matcher by assessing your skills and personality. Based on your answers to a series of questions the app matches you to career opportunities that you are most qualified for and that you would enjoy the most.

BeKnown is a mobile app created by Monster and Facebook. This app allows users to search for jobs as well as make networking connections via Facebook profiles.

The GPS Job Search

Apparently even the GPS technology in your smart phone can help you find a job. We normally use our geo location apps for getting directions to a specific address or to find a nearby restaurant but they can also be useful in your job search.

Some geo location apps are capable of recognizing nearby companies with job openings. Job Compass, for example is a geo location app entirely meant for job searching and is one of Corn On the Job’s 5 Iphone Apps That Every Job Seeker Needs.

Every job seeker needs the latest technology to remain a step ahead of the competition. These GPS applications can literally direct you to the nearest locations for  job opportunities. “Hitting the pavement” and traveling door to door asking for applications is a thing of the past, it doesn’t get any easier than this.


The 6 Second Resume

In only 6 seconds Twitter’s Vine videos can lead to a heavy addiction. Suddenly you realize you have been watching Batdad videos for the last hour and you’re late for class. Vine isn’t all clever and funny videos for entertainment, it can also be used for marketing and even to help you get a job.

One woman used Vine to make a 6 second resume. Dawn Siff recently found a job with the Economist Group as a program manager. Although she doesn’t completely owe the job find to her Vine resume, it is undeniable that it did impress her new employers.

Sourcecon believes there are ways to use Vine in a successful, professional way both as a candidate for employment and as an employer. Vine videos may add a short, visual aspect to your personal brand. Like Twitter and Facebook there is a way to use this form of social media in a professional way.

Is 6 seconds enough to convey your professional abilities and accomplishments? Or is it simply a mean for entertainment and clever stop-motion videos? Whatever you choose to Vine for, Mashable wants you to do it well.

Who’s Who on Twitter: Part 3

When CraigsList and the Classified section of the newspaper just aren’t cutting it in your job search these Twitter accounts may help. Each of these accounts bring job opportunities to you along with other useful advice.

@YouTern – This Twitter account stems from a site that uses matching technology to connect you with specific job opportunities. Their twitter offers great advice for job searching, resumes, interviews, and other useful tips for young professionals.

@LetsFindYouAJob – This Twitter account is a job search engine in the form of tweets. The entire feed lists job opportunities from all over the country and is a great tool for finding a job in any state.

@FindSpark– This the Twitter account for, a site that lists internships and jobs of all kinds available in New York City. The website also includes a blog and a great community of people that offer information about job searching and events. Tweets from FindSpark include career advice, information about different events, and lists job opportunities.

@CEOINC1– This Twitter feed aims to connect people with jobs of all kinds including at the executive level. Tweets include career advice and a “Job a Day” that explores a potential job opportunity. Their website is a human resources site that aims to connect people with talent to employers.

@AfterCollege– This is the Twitter account for, a site that acts as a career network for college students and recent college graduates. The website allows you to search for job opportunities based on your major. Tweets from this account include job search advice, internship and job opportunities, and advice on how to become more successful in your specific career.

Why It’s Crucial To Keep Up

In today’s society and in our generation, keeping up with constantly changing technology, social media, and “the latest thing” is an every day occurrence. From updating apps to buying the latest version of the Iphone we are forever adapting to the new Facebook or a new software. Being up to date is expected not just by society but by the companies you work for. Being educated about technology news and understanding new uses for social media is something that can be used to your advantage in many ways.

A great way to keep up to date is by attending conferences where you can be one of the first to discover the newest technology. On Mashable you can find over 70 events held all over the country. These events cover everything from social media strategies to marketing and recruiting.

Knowing everything there is to know about social media and technology is especially crucial when seeking a career in social media. explores the rise of job opportunities in the social media industry with an infographic. This graphic shows that the United States is one of the most powerful countries in the social media industry with New York City being the top city.

Social media is taking over. Being educated about this growing industry can lead to endless opportunities in your career.